“Family is not an important thing. It's everything.”

Full Family Session

Full Family sessions are fully customizable and take place at a location of your choice. The photoshoot lasts up to 60 minutes and includes 40 retouched & high-resolution images, free downloads, a style guide, and a custom gallery.


Mini Family Session

I offer mini sessions twice a year at specific locations in the spring and fall. Shoots are scheduled back to back, last 20 minutes, and include 15 retouched and high-resolution images, free downloads, a style guide, and a custom gallery.


Extended Family Session

Extended family sessions are ideal for family reunions, holiday gatherings, or anniversaries for two or more family units. For more information, please contact me.

Starts at $1,000


What is the difference between a full and mini session?

Full family photoshoots last about 60 minutes and include 40 images. During these sessions, the energy is more relaxed and personable, which allows for more creative freedom and play. The shoot is fully customizable to fit your needs and expectations. You can expect a variety of posed and candid images with multiple group pairings and a mix of color and black & white photos.

Mini shoots happen twice a year, in the spring and the fall, at specific locations. Clients are scheduled back to back, last 20 minutes, and include 15 black & white images. This type of shoot can work well if you're looking for a few family photos and prefer more posed portraits.

How can I find out when you are offering mini sessions?

I post mini-session information on my Instagram and send notices to email subscribers. Click on the Instagram icon at the bottom of this page to follow my profile!

Should we take photos at our home or meet you somewhere?

This depends on you! Photos tend to be less formal at home and can be scheduled anytime during daylight hours. More reserved kids often loosen up when showing me their room or favorite toy. I like to think of photoshoots at your home like a timestamp, documenting your family in that specific season of your life.

Photos at a park, ice cream parlor, or a city setting are visually stylized, editorial, and conceptional. I recommend outdoor sessions for families with kids ages three and up. With that being said, the lighting is best early in the morning or in the late afternoon, which can create scheduling limitations.

If we decide to take photos at home, how clean does our house need to be?

Pretend a friend or relative is coming over - pick up excess clutter, but there's no need to hire a cleaner or make your home spotless. I think that signs of everyday life, like toys and books, add character to the photos. We are trying to keep things "real" after all!

I found exactly what I want on Pinterest. Can you recreate that for me?

No, but we can work together on recreating the general idea.

While Pinterest is great for inspiration, variables like lighting conditions, weather, landscape, and backgrounds create challenges out of my control.

Where is your studio?

I shoot at two different locations, depending on the session type. My main studio is in a house in the Sylvan Heights neighborhood in Nashville, TN, which my family of five used to live in! When we moved in the summer of 2021, my husband (a music composer for film & TV) and I converted the house to serve as a music and photography studio. For more photoshoots with multiple people, I utilize the bottom level of my home, which has incredible natural light!

What should we wear?

I will send you a detailed style guide at the time of booking. For women, I always recommend getting your hair & make-up professionally done. A fresh manicure is always a plus too! If you are unsure about outfit choices for your family after reviewing my style guide, please reach out to me. I love offering fashion advice!

May I view the unedited (RAW) images?

No, RAW images are not delivered. After years of professional photography experience, I have perfected the art of choosing the best images. The selected images will be edited, retouched, cropped, and prepared for final presentation in your custom gallery. Unedited images are not shown or provided.

What kind of camera & lens do you use?

I photograph mainly with a Nikon Z7 and, if needed, a Nikon D750. I use a fixed focal length Sigma Art lens for outdoor sessions, meaning there isn't a zoom feature, so you'll see me run back and forth a lot! Depending on the session type, I float between three different Sigma Art lenses for indoor photoshoots. All images are edited in Adobe Lightroom Classic, with more detailed fixes done in Adobe Photoshop.

How soon will my pictures be ready to view?

My current turnaround time is 5-10 business days.